WebPix5WebPix5 Simply put:  On all poses ordered, you get web-ready files to share online, while we maintain the integrity and quality of our work.  

A WebPix is a product.  We assigned the name WebPix hoping to indicate to our customers that these files are intended for use on the web only (no printing allowed and no copyrights released).  WebPix files are not sold separately and are made available to you in our online gallery.  
Just select your image, then click “Download”!

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JPEG Studio Archive Policy

The JPEG Studio will keep the images from your session actively available for up to 1 year from your session date. After 1 year from your session date, your images will be temporarily archived off site. After 2 years, any image that was not ordered in a print or product will be deleted and cannot be re-ordered.  Any image that was ordered in a print or product will be archived for 5 years. Ordered images may be kept online or on our external hard drives for longer than 5 years but we do not guarantee retrieval as space limits and equipment failure may occur.