Frequently Asked Questions - Friday Photo Club

facestalbott8x12-2Faces of "your kiddos"! 4th of July Train Scene

Does it cost anything to join?
     Membership is FREE! Simply pick your scenes, book on a Friday and start earning points.

Do I have to pay a sitting fee?
    No. All sitting fees are waived if you book on Fridays 9am-4pm. Packages start at $19.

What if I can’t make it on Fridays before 4pm?  
     For a reduced sitting fee of $25, you can book your Photo Club appointment from 9am-6pm Monday-Thursday.

Do you take Saturday appointments?    For a sitting fee of $50, you can book your Photo Club appointment on a Saturday.

How long are the shoots?   
    Up to 25 minutes, then the ordering portion of the appointment will take place immediately following the shoot. Please allow 1 hour total.

How many kids can be in the photo?
    Up to 5 subjects can easily fit into each scene, but we will do the best we can to accommodate groups.

Can I have my whole family in the shoot?
    Friday Photo Club is designed just for kids. Family shoots are available...just ask me for details.

Do I get to choose the scene and/or backdrop for the shoot?  
     No, the scenes are pre-selected by Jill and will change every other month.  However, you pick your favorite scenes and when to come. 

What if I don’t want the preselected scene? 
    No problem. Sounds like you are interested in a custom classic session just for you, where you have up to an hour of shooting, unlimited scenes, outfits and poses and groupings. Let’s book a pre-consultation and get started!

When do I pay?
      Full payment of the total is due the day of the shoot. Cash, Check or Credit Cards (M/C, Visa, Discover and American Express) accepted.

Do I still earn points on your special location shoots?
    Yes...Watch for details as photo events away from the studio location may have different scenes.  

About Points

What are the Club Benefits?
    In addition to a waived sitting fee on Fridays 8am-4pm and best value packages, you earn points for Free photo prizes!

How do I earn and redeem points?
    Every $10 spent in Friday Photo Club packages and single prints equals 1 point.  Redeem your points at any time.

Do my points expire?
    Points never expire, but please note that prizes are subject to change. 

How do I keep track of my points? 
    You don’t have to.  We will keep track and send you e-mail reminders.

Can I earn points from photo product orders?
    No.  Any photo product is available for sale at any time but points are accrued only through designated print packages and single prints (8x10 and smaller).